The benefits of wild salmon

A women's magazine approached me for a comment. I was asked to advise which products would help his readers to keep their figure, to preserve their health and beauty.I told you how wild salmon is useful. It was he who was the first to “float” to the aid of the heart and vessels. After all, only in Chinook salmon - the perfect balance of omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids vital for our...

About plagiarism in the restaurant business

This story (about copyright infringement) on my Facebook page I told you about three months ago. It was about the fact that in Samara our “twin brother” came to light: a restaurant with the name “And Fish and Meat”. And many locals seriously took him for our regional "child". We looked at the double and found many coincidences: in the details of the interiors, the...

An open letter to the authorities from the businessman

About some problems on the fish market in Russia

Рыба, как известно, гниет с головы. А рыбная промышленность всей страны - с провальных действий профильного ведомства. Сегодня устрашающая картина рыбного рынка в России выглядит так: с одной стороны, государство...