Big win


VAT for the catering industry has been abolished. This was announced by Vladimir Putin at the SPIEF plenary session on June 4. Sergey Mironov was the first to react to the President's statement and shared with his followers in social networks what work was done on the way to this decision.

"When 3 years ago I said that I want to cancel VAT for the restaurant business, everyone was twisting their finger at the temple. Experienced politicians said that VAT is a sacred cow (and it is inviolable), officials laughed at the fantastic ideas of ambitious restaurateurs. But the road will be mastered by the walking one.

Three years of hammering into the wall, dozens of meetings in various departments, proving the economic feasibility and categorical answers: "No! This will not happen, it is not purposeful!".

How many times have we been thrown back and started all over again. I remember how Nastya Tatulova said to me: "Seryoga, just drop it all! That's enough! You see: we will not pass! "(but at the same time she was always there and walked shoulder to shoulder). And Igor Zhuravlev was always there and pushed forward with the relentlessness of a rhinoceros, and we again entered a new round of negotiations. I clearly remember the outbursts of joy: here we have proved everything to the Federal Tax Service, they supported us, we are moving on! And how they were replaced by a complete wreck, when we heard from the same FTS: "Guys, everything is wrapped up on top, then go yourself...".

I also remember those who supported us and tried to help us. In this post, there is not enough space to name all of them by name, and some of them simply can not be told.

Tatyana Mineeva was the first to believe that we would succeed, and included my initiative in the report to the mayor, and then fought for us in the Moscow Government.

Alexander Isaevich and Alexey Fursin were the first to take up this issue at the level of the Moscow Government and began to push it (and later Alexander supported us also as the CEO of the "SME Corporation").

Vladimir Efimov did not just stand on our side, but went further with us, to the Government of the Russian Federation.

Daniil Yegorov received us, the restaurateurs, and plunged deep into the question.

Andrey Budarin (deputy head of the Federal Tax Service) included us in the working group, thoroughly understood the intricacies of the restaurant business and submitted the necessary justifications to the Ministry of Finance.

Dmitry Satin showed us that the Federal Tax Service is not only a "punishing" body, but also a creative one (and it still provides us with maximum support).

Alexey Sazanov got into our problems, together with us studied the validity of the abolition of VAT and took our side.

Thank you to Andrey Belousov, who heard and fully supported us.

And, of course, the participation of the Ministry of Economic Development is invaluable: Tatyana Ilyushnikova was with us from the first to the last day: she fought on a par, wrote, and proved at meetings ... I am very grateful to her both as a person and as a civil servant, who is definitely not indifferent to business issues. Without Tatiana, we absolutely would not have worked out.

Well, and separately, a big thank you to all our fellow restaurateurs who believed in us and supported us in any way they could. They worked their way into high offices, participated in tedious meetings, and engaged their financiers to analyze the restaurant market in detail.⠀

So, what we now have: the abolition of VAT for the restaurant industry with revenue up to 2 billion per year (this will cover all small and medium-sized businesses) and reduced insurance premiums (expanding the criteria for classifying taxpayers as SMEs with the number of employees up to 1.5 thousand people (now 250).

In detail, what we received and why (for those who are not in the restaurant industry), you can find in my post from June 1 — there I wrote everything down.

In general, I believe that this is a victory not only for the restaurant industry, but for all entrepreneurs in general: so we proved that we know how to move forward, and the laws that we live by, we can write for ourselves, " the founder of "Meat&Fish" wrote on his Facebook page
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