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Sergey Mironov visited the Presidium of the Food and Drinks Summit.

At the event, the founder of Meat & Fish spoke at once with two topical topics. The first is about the specifics of working in shopping malls. Mironov stressed that in terms of area and number of planting "Meat & Fish" today - the largest in Russia. The main reference point in the work with the TC, according to Sergei Mironov, is the relationship with the management of the shopping complex. Cooperation should be as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Often shopping centers begin to change the rules of the game in the process, despite already concluded contracts. Or "dig up" to little things. "Such things are unacceptable, they need to be stopped," - said Mironov.

He also told about the specifics of the monoproduct concept. Thus, in his view, it should be extremely simple and understandable to the consumer. It is not worth betting on an exclusive in this case. Especially when it comes to working with the same TC. In the case of "Meat & Fish," the bet is made on meat of the highest quality at a low price, fresh fish and seafood from Kamchatka and from the northern Russian seas. And also - to the high kitchen, extensive wine card, high-quality coffee and "confectionery." According to Mironov, this approach can provide the restaurant with stability, love of guests and an opportunity for further development.
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