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Sergei Mironov visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where the audience discussed why a conflict periodically arises between business and the state.

"In my opinion, the reason is the imperfection of the legislation.

If we take our sphere, then the regulatory guillotine, over which we fought so much, was supposed to cut off many issues. We sincerely tried to turn the tide, but I will not open America to anyone: quite often the newly adopted regulations have nothing to do with business and simply do not fit for it. The reason is that they are accepted without the participation of real industry experts. Yes, business representatives, of course, participate. But usually these are members of the Big Four business associations. Moreover, it is representatives, and not strong experts, who sometimes do not even fully realize why they are present at all these meetings.

To different expert advice, by the way, there are also a lot of questions: sometimes there are people in them who simply do not understand business , not in the regulations adopted.

But what to do with all this? Drastically change everything! Each regulatory act must be adopted with a real acting expert from the business, from the industry that it will influence. And only then will the adopted laws meet all the needs and needs of business (and reality as a whole). Well, of course, there is a huge fault of the business itself in all this: when these expert councils are formed, and incompetent representatives of the sphere sit in them, why are we all silent, it's like "our people"? We do not want to spoil relations, and then we are surprised at the norms that they miss, suffer from them and blame everyone but ourselves, "Sergey Mironov expressed his point of view
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