forget about checks


The Ministry of Industry and Trade supported business requests and proposed to abandon cash receipts

This should help reduce costs for the business. The project is led by Anastasia Tatulova.

To allow stores not to issue paper checks after each purchase (and thereby reduce the cost of a cash register tape) - with such a letter, the deputy head of the ministry, Viktor Yevtukhov, turned to the Federal Tax Service.

The cash register has now seriously risen in price (and foreign suppliers have reduced its shipments), and if measures are not taken, retail trade costs will increase by 30 billion rubles in a year.

The Federal Tax Service drew attention to one of the main goals of the cash reform: to protect Russian business from unfair competition from market participants who want to cut their costs by evading taxes.

They noted that the initiative on the optional issuance of checks could provoke a surge in such unfair competition.
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