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QR codes again?!

What will happen to the restaurant business after their introduction? Will they be everywhere, or will they be limited to single regions? - Sergey Mironov addressed this question to subscribers in social networks.

He called them "the most important for restaurateurs today" and recalled which Russian regions have already introduced or are introducing "kuars" in the near future:



Pskov (from November 1)

Ulyanovsk Region (November 1)

Bashkiria (from October 18)

Mordovia (from 15.10)

Penza region (from 14.10)

Kursk region

Volgograd region ... (and this list only continues to grow)

The experiment on the introduction of QR codes was first conducted by Moscow (however, in the capital, the "kuars" had been operating since June 28, and already on July 19 they were canceled)

"Now I often hear: "We have 40% vaccinated in the region. There will definitely be enough of them: they will go to restaurants." No, not enough. The Moscow experience has shown the opposite. There were many more people who were vaccinated here. But they didn't go to restaurants. More precisely, this way: they don't go to restaurants alone. They walk in company. And all vaccinated people always have wives, husbands, friends, colleagues who have not vaccinated themselves. That's why the restaurants in the capital were empty.

Moscow restaurants were then saved by three factors:

the first is that the experiment was so short -lived

secondly, it was possible to work on the "letniki" all this time (and many restaurants simply transplanted their guests there)

and the third is the serious subsidies that the capital allocated then to support the restaurant business

So why are the regions now introducing "kuars" if they have seen all the difficulties that Moscow faced in the summer? Do they want to protect guests from the "crown"? But it is quite obvious: people who will be deprived of restaurants will gather in large companies at home and offices. Where there is no question of any social distance, good ventilation or table handling (as in the same restaurants) at all!

Are there concerns that restaurant employees may infect? But employees can be vaccinated. This was done by Moscow and the Moscow region, where, according to statistics, more than 80% of employees are vaccinated. Or is it done to stimulate voluntary vaccination of the population?

It could work, but only if people were not allowed anywhere at all, and not just in restaurants

There is a third option. There are more cases of infection with the "crown", some measures need to be taken, so for the sake of a tick, everyone decided to hit the "kuars" for restaurants.

But personally, it's completely incomprehensible to me why kill restaurants if it absolutely won't bring any benefit to anyone," the founder of the Meat & Fish project summed up in his social networks