Ombudsman cases


Moscow Business Ombudsman Tatyana Mineeva held a meeting with the leaders of the Working Groups under the Commissioner. A total of 18 Working Groups, including those recently established, are active in the Commissioner's Ecosystem. They discussed the current agendas of industry groups and setting tasks for the second half of the year. The topics are the widest: from tax policy and rental relations to public procurement and security.

All participants noted structural changes in the work of the groups that occurred in six months. "We worked out point problems that turned out to be systemic," said Sergei Mironov, head of the working group on regulatory policy in the field of hospitality, at the beginning of the meeting. They discussed a pool of collected initiatives with working potential.

As a result, decisions were made:

- submit complex issues to the Expert Council under the Commissioner;

- To hold a joint extended meeting of the Working Groups on general issues;

- Actively involve the G-5 and the relevant executive bodies of Moscow in the activities of the Working Groups.

- Strengthen expert working groups to draft normative instruments.
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