rather alive


Is the restaurant world still alive?

They tried to answer this question at the TASS @ tass _ agency press conference

With fellow restaurateurs, we discussed with what losses our industry got out of the New Year holidays, how in general we experienced a period of restrictions, and what support measures will help us move on.

In my opinion, it's too early to assess the state of the industry or make some kind of forecast right now. We get back to normal, catch up with last year's indicators, but we do it gradually. Yes, many restaurateurs have resisted, keep afloat, but they have collected loans that will need to be given away, so that working restaurants today are in most cases a "showcase," and their business can actually go bad. Moreover, there is still a gap between Moscow and the regions in this sense: if the capital's restaurants were idle for only three months, that is, those Russian cities in which they have not yet opened!

Another point: serious gastronomic restaurants suffered, replaced by mini-bakeries, shawarma or another democratic format, and this replacement is not equivalent.

If we talk about support measures, then, of course, we need to change the tax system of restaurants.

Many investors today are simply afraid to invest in restaurants, and if the Government meets us in this sense, this will seriously support the entire industry.

And finally, a loan for business development with the preservation of 90% of employees. Such a measure was immediately after the lockdown, when we hoped to quickly recover. But then there were November, December, restrictions - and it became clear: this measure must be reviewed, reducing the number of retained employees. The fact that restaurants could not keep the team in the right volume, at the moment - not their fault at all. So, you need to support restaurateurs as much as possible in this situation, "Sergey Mironov answered questions
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