Reply of Coca-Cola


Fight for an environmentally friendly product. Work with a product Russian. As for the restaurateur, for Sergey Mironov it is not an empty phrase.

For this reason he also decided to look narrowly at products of the company "Coca - Cola" that costs at our restaurants.

On the one hand, Mironov constantly says that "Мясо&Рыба" offer guests only what is eaten by him that is chosen by his family, with another - for some reason keeps all this "shipuchka" in restaurants.

When to have dinner Sergey Mironov's son comes into restaurant, he is dissuaded from this drink. Explain: instead of such sparkling water it is better to take tasty and useful fruit drink.

And Sergey Mironov does not advise the spouse to buy for the son such "shipuchka" in supermarket.

So why at restaurants offer "Coca - Cola" to guests?

Of course, one may say, that you should not bring up the guest. It is necessary to give him that he wants.

But our purpose - environmentally friendly food. Domestic product. So - long ago it is time to refuse blind imitation the abroad. To develop our brands. To offer guests fruit drinks, lemonades and kvass...

And Sergey Mironov decided to take this step the first: the biggest network a stake houses of Russia, "Мясо&Рыба" the first completely removes at itself products of the company "Coca - Cola".

"I think that we will only benefit from the solution of it.

It will be possible to find "Coca" only in whisky Coca cocktail. Where just like that you will not refuse to the guest. But - not in the menu.

I do not doubt: having estimated my experience, and other restaurateurs will soon want to tell "Coca - Cola" resolute "no", - Sergey Mironov summed up.
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