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The future of the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for the next 5 years was discussed with the business community there.

A strategy has already been developed, and the Corporation faces many tasks during this period. Here is the digitalization of support measures, and the training of entrepreneurs, and dialogue with regions, and the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, and financial support, and much more. And to collect business initiatives from all over the country should a specially created Expert Entrepreneurial Council.

"In my opinion, such a Council today will really be very useful to all of us.

After all, SMEs are us. Therefore, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs should take a major part in the activities of the Corporation. If you look, a huge number of support measures today simply do not reach the addressees, and many initiatives are put forward that no one needs.

And therefore, everything that the SME Corporation works with: any initiatives, any support measures should go through the verification of the Expert Council, "wrote Sergey Mironov on his social networks.

He also expressed separate gratitude for the round table: "Today, entrepreneurs were able to talk about their problems here, share ideas. Thanks to the CEO of the Corporation Alexander Isaevich for the necessary meeting and productive conversation, "summed up the founder of Meat & Fish
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