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Restaurateurs of the capital - colleagues from the regions. Sergey Mironov spoke to colleagues from other cities as part of a workshop from the magazine "Restaurant Vedomosti." First, the founder of Meat & Fish spoke about the main "chips" and secrets of his restaurants, and then answered questions from guests.

How can the province lure a visitor to a restaurant? How to promote if business budgets are not comparable to capital ones? How to "sell" the dish - Sergey Mironov answered these and other questions in the most informal way. He also shared that recently he has taken control of the problems of not only metropolitan restaurateurs: as an ombudsman for the restaurant business, he is now ready to help the regions.

Sergei Mironov urged the meeting participants to be more open and not hesitate to turn "to the very top." "In fact, there is no hierarchy and closed offices of officials: in Klabuhaus we communicate directly, looking for answers to questions together. Join us, colleagues! Together, we will not only analyze specific isolated cases, but also set larger tasks, for example, changing taxation for our entire sphere and so on, "said Sergey Mironov
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