for compromise


Sergey Mironov congratulated the restaurateurs on their victory: in March, they managed to find a common language with the head of Rosalkogolregulirovanie Igor Aleshin.

"Quickly, painlessly: we sat down together at the table, laid everything on shelves and resolved an important issue for our entire industry.

We are talking about confirming the supply of alcohol to the EGAIS for restaurants. Recently (and like thunder in the clear sky) it was said that all this restaurants now have only one (!!) Day. But we could hear each other. Igor Olegovich accepted our arguments, and now 24 hours will be allocated to restaurants for the entire procedure (from the moment the goods arrive at the restaurant).
This norm will enter into force on September 1, but it is already excellent that until that time our colleagues will not be fined for possible delays.
We have reached other agreements, I'm still silent about them, here we still need to go through additional approvals.

In general, colleagues, I believe that this is great luck. This is an example of adequate interaction between government and business. Everything is clear, essentially: no one jumped away from us and agreed to delve into the essence. Therefore (as the ombudsman for the restaurant business) I will once again congratulate us all on the compromise and remind you: if in some region they suddenly put pressure on you in this matter, write to me directly. And already together with Rosalkogol regulation we will try to solve your issue, "Sergey Mironov shared his joy on social networks
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