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Friends, I need some advice

Judge how to be in such a situation? On the one hand, there are negative reviews to which we are obliged to respond. On the other hand, it seemed to me that we did everything absolutely right.
Our Meat & Fish restaurants are not originally designed for children. We are talking about steaks, 200 positions of wine, cocktails, in a word, these are restaurants for adults, where children can not be very comfortable a priori. Let's say the company is sitting, someone drank more than usual, somewhere slips the mat... not every guest in such a situation will be able to adequately respond to a child playing or running nearby. That is why there was no children's menu in our restaurants initially.

But then we decided to meet those guests who sometimes wanted to visit us with the whole family and asked us many times about this. We conducted the first experiment in the Riviera: one of the halls on the second floor was converted into a children's one, made a "living corner" there, introduced a menu for both parents and children, equipped a play room, invited animators. There it became convenient to visit children, spend children's holidays, without intersecting with the main stream of guests. It seemed to me that I had finally taken into account the interests of everyone: I gave the adult guests in the children's hall the main menu, allowing them not to feel acceptable, and those who came to us to relax without children provided a separate room and such an opportunity.

But then I caught a huge negative from those guests who did not want to go up with the children (by the way, so far we have not introduced a children's menu at all, we did not have such a hype in our memory). But what does it show? Please give me a children's menu, we want to eat here and nowhere else! And no explanations, like: we deliberately separate children from adults, it is necessary (first of all) for the children themselves, no one hears. Of course, we can sometimes give a children's menu downstairs when the room is incomplete. But how to explain why it is impossible to do this at another time when the hall is full? Scandals in any case could not have been avoided.

Well, and another argument that guests often make is that I don't like sitting with my child in the hall where other children scream. But your child is also not silent, why should the rest of the guests listen to him in the main hall?

Of course, I respect the point of view of guests with children, but - at the same time - when I come to the "adult" restaurant myself, I least want someone to roll cars on my table or move devices on it. And as we know, children are very different, and not all parents can always control children. And here is how to take into account the interests of all parties? It is clear that we are not talking about discrimination of the child, no one limits the presence of children in the main hall. We're just not a specialized restaurant for kids. And therefore, we can afford not to introduce a children's menu in the main hall, so as not to additionally encourage families with children to come there.

And such posts go one after another. So what to do? To connect children and adults in a common room, with all the problems that arise from this? Or maybe abandon the children's halls altogether so as not to provoke a conflict?
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