double whammy reboot


Busy days have turned out!

For two days we talked non-stop with Oleg Nazarov and 40 participants of the "Double Blow" seminar, analyzing the nuances of the restaurant business TODAY.

How to do business "in white"?

How not to fall under the article "fragmentation" of the tax code?

What changes have already taken place in the legislation for the restaurant sector and what awaits us in the future?

Your own restaurant or franchise?

What restaurant formats are trending now and how to work with the self-employed?

A lot of actual raised!

We remembered the topic of delivery restaurants, which have risen very much in lockdown, although they also received subsidies from the state, is it fair?

At the same time, different optimizers said - change formats, earn money on delivery. But we, the restaurateurs, understood that our menu was not suitable for delivery and what we were being offered was complete nonsense.

Hence, by the way, the new trend for opening restaurants that have a large number of dishes to be delivered.

The world is changeable, of course we adapt, but we also bring our recommendations to the law. I am glad that we are often listened to and heard!

We are not slowing down!