talk and negotiate


Why is it important to be friends and be able to negotiate with the authorities?

This was said by Tatyana Mineeva. On Tatyana's day, the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of Moscow presented her book "How to be Friends with the State."

Sergey Mironov became one of the heroes of this book. A whole chapter is dedicated to the restaurant industry in it. "How we survived the pandemic and continued to fight for our sphere - all this is written there honestly and in detail. At the presentation of the book, I said that Tatyana herself was able to learn a lot during our cooperation. And most importantly: the ability to search and find a common language with the authorities. An example is discussions with Rospotrebnadzor in a pandemic when it came to what conditions restaurants and cafes will be opened. These meetings were not easy, lasted many hours, but in the end all the participants came to the conclusion that uncompromising in such situations is not a way out, and we all need a common reasonable approach.

The same situation was in resolving the issue with SanPiNami, and with a reduction in the VAT rate (which was ultimately supported by the Moscow Government).

In my opinion, in the relationship between business and government, it is important not to push entrepreneurs and officials with their foreheads, but to develop a desire to hear each other in them. And we also need to try to make sure that their dialogue does not turn into a conversation between the deaf and the mute (both in the capital and in the regions). The author wrote about all this in a book that I wish to find as many readers as possible, "said Sergey Mironov at the presentation of the publication
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