Double blow


The traditional annual seminar from Sergei Mironov and Oleg Nazarov was hosted by one of the Meat & Fish restaurants.

"By observing all precautions, keeping all the necessary distances, we were able to the main thing: we gathered all those colleagues under one roof who care about the restaurant business.

Directors, managers, restaurateurs from the regions - all these people spent two days in their schedules and came to us to hear the main thing in the format of lectures and personal consultations: how to resist yourself, keep your business in crisis and what to do if the notorious "second wave" covers us all, "said Sergey Mironov.

On the first day of the seminar, Sergey Mironov told the participants about recent meetings with the participation of the Ministry of Economic Development and Rospotrebnadzor. He explained that there is no task to close restaurants now "at the top." On the contrary: every effort is made not to do this. It was possible to establish work with delivery aggregators: now they will be more attentive to security measures for their customers and couriers. Well, then it's time for "crisis prescriptions." On the example of his restaurants, Sergey Mironov said that the main thing in optimization is to provide for possible risks in advance, even before any crises. It is much more reasonable to reduce staff hours than the staff itself. It is always more logical to speak with the landlord personally, and not to write him multi-volume letters. As for the coronacrisis, expensive restaurants will certainly be able to resist the democratic format now, a little easier than the rest. The average will have a hard time. "And that is why our common task now is to adopt the already working experience in order to competently overcome this difficult period for restaurateurs: both in Moscow and in the regions," Sergey Mironov summed up.

At the end of the first day, participants in the Double Strike were waiting for a gastronomic dinner from the concept of the chef "Meat & Fish" Sergey Lobachev and personal consultations. And on the second day, fresh lectures from speakers, an excursion from Sergey Mironov and a new portion of "anti-crisis recipes" were scheduled