Going to Magadan


Fishing in the Sea of Okhotsk, fishing for grayling, inspection of fish production, helicopter flights and salting of caviar - this is not a complete list of the program of Sergey Mironov's visit to Magadan. There he ended up at the invitation of the Tikhrybkom company, and willingly shared the details of the trip with subscribers in social networks. "I am slowly falling in love with these places", - published the founder of the restaurants "Meat & Fish".

But the hotel "Ocean", which was described by its employees as "premium", was harshly criticized by Sergei Mironov. He even dedicated a separate post to the hotel in his social networks. Mironov noted both the low level of service ("the hotel clearly saves on consumables and does not bother with them") and the devil-may-care attitude towards the guest.

"It seems that entrepreneurs are simply not interested in no less wonderful hotels and hotels appearing in such wonderful places as Magadan," Mironov wrote. And he put forward his proposals on how the situation could be radically changed: to allocate grants, create special conditions for business and - finally - to work as closely as possible on a special program for the development of domestic tourism
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