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In the new year, the law on organic products entered into force in Russia. It defines the concept itself and tells how such products should be stored, marked and so on.

Total requirements for "organic product" 11. In addition, manufacturers were banned from using pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, growth stimulants (except for those currently permitted by standards). "Harmful" packages that may contaminate the environment cannot be used. And for unjustified use of marking "organic products" will be fined.

There is also a reservation that this law does not apply to manufacturers of cosmetics, perfumes and medicines, and also to hunters and fishermen. Only aquaculture producers were the exception.

At the same time, the law provides for a transitional period during which the rules for the production of organic products will be introduced and the relevant marking on goods will be prohibited.

Sergei Mironov expressed his attitude to this initiative. He called the idea sound, and said she asked for it a long time ago. After all, such requirements for products are made in many countries of the world. Another question is how all this will be embodied in practice. And whether "organic impostors" can be avoided. "For example, I have long said that there are many questions about artificially grown fish. Unscrupulous fish farmers treat her for diseases and parasites with different substances. Or, for example, painted for color. In wild environments, for example, salmon eats cancers and shrimp, which feed on special algae that produce the pink dye astaxanthin. At the expense of this fish eventually acquires its color, but on a fish farm salmon can "treat" synthetic granules with dye.

This is why in our restaurants we initially abandoned harmful aquaculture. In priority we have only wild fish, which grew at will, and also - health of our guests.

Including, and therefore, in my opinion, such a law is important. Let s hope that different fraud with products it will make unacceptable, and on our table will get only truly clean and useful food, Sergey Mironov said
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