Overseas caviar


Why is black caviar different now? About it Sergey Miranda told "Russia 1."

We all loved caviar when we were kids. And then they grew, and the taste of it changed dramatically. The head of Meat & Fish explained to the film crew why.

A lot of Chinese caviar is now being taken to our country. Legal and illegal. Sometimes the manufacturer buys caviar from the Black Sea, shuffles it and sells it as Russian. Chinese caviar (in most cases) is a hybrid. They have a fish of kalug, with it the Chinese and cross sturgeon, whose boys were bought in Russia at one time. Hybrid caviar is greenish but good quality and not bad in sight. It 's not for nothing that China invests a lot in the icon business to be in the world 's caviar production leaders.

The funny thing is that the Russian caviar Chinese believe even more than their own. They come to us, buy black caviar. Except often it is their own, Chinese caviar, packed with us. And speaking of caviar unlicensed, its quality limps. What is important to know when buying caviar? It could be made simply with salt and preservatives. They could have pasteurized. In the first case caviar is stored for 9 months, in the second case - for 2 years. But the taste will be doubtful, because in such caviar nothing "live." Black caviar is sometimes rolled into cans of fresh. But some first freeze to have a longer shelf life.

And the main thing: earlier caviar we ate bottomhole, from already killed fish. Now the caviar is mostly milky. It is blown out of live fish, and at the same time taste is very different. The manufacturer is obliged to write all this on banks. Thus, bottomhole unpasteurized caviar - and there is the most delicious. And in order not to break into smuggling, caviar is better to take from the manufacturer of large and tested.

Sergei Miranda also talked to reporters about red caviar. And then I was tested by a can that journalists brought with them.

"Nasty, really risked health! But whatever you do for an interesting plot, "- Sergey Mironov smiled.
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