the whole truth about food


The whole truth about food... in a restaurant in Meat & Fish on Tverskaya.

It was there that the lecture of the sports ombudsman Sergei Romanov about the "right" food was recently held.

Sergey Mironov and friends decided to discuss why our health, in fact, lies on our plate.

And also - to talk about how to make natural and useful dishes truly tasty and not boring at all.

"I myself 7-8 years ago completely revised my diet: I began to eat more fish, more useful food.

And then I decided to introduce the same principle in our restaurants. It was important for me that the place where I eat myself, my family, my friends take as a principle the most useful products. So in "Meat & Fish" they began to abandon aquaculture, artificially grown fish, in favor of wild: they included chavychu, halibut, black cod in the menu... We seriously "get involved" with sauces and marinades, we ourselves do everything: from bread to ice cream, "commented Sergey Mironov.

Well, since you will not be fed up with food alone, the meeting participants fixed the "theory" with practice. Sugudai from nelma, tartara - from wild salmon with crab and farm beef, Mironoff steak, Dor Blue ice cream and that very black cod became a useful friendly dinn
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