congress of restaurateurs


Do not have 100 rubles, but is in the top 100 Russian restaurateurs.

Sergey Mironov visited the All-Russian Congress of restaurateurs.

Every year, Restaurant Vedomosti gathers hundreds of the country's leading restaurateurs on one site so that in two days they will announce their coolest working cases.

On the first day, the Big Ten shared their experience here.

"My colleagues and I talked about what really hurts our entire industry: about the "Honest Sign" labeling, the Mercury system, why Burger King, McDonald's and KFC are actively pumping now, and under what conditions other restaurants will be able to compete with them.

Well, I was asked to tell you about the zeroing of VAT and the exit of the entire restaurant sector "into the white".

The format is fire, thanks to the organizers: I was glad to answer the questions of the audience and communicate with colleagues," Sergey Mironov appreciated the event