expensive and rich


Doughnut for a price... wing from the aircraft ️

My dear capital - as you know, not only a line from a song. Moscow really does not indulge us in low prices.

But even here there is something that is literally obliquely expensive. And some of this can be eaten

So, for example, breakfast turned the Beluga restaurant into a real attraction. For 50 thousand rubles there, guests are offered to taste chopped quail eggs, homemade sturgeon canned food, stretched with a viziga, cucumber lingerie, potato noodles with creamy strachatella and much more. And in the title role there is a liter of vodka and a kilogram of black caviar. They called all this abundance ironic: "Breakfast burlak."

It does not stand in the gastronomic pathos and "Cafe Pushkin," where you can taste the caviar of sterlet mentioned already above sturgeon, and also beluga and even a certain caviar of gold with pancakes. Well, the price of all this abundance (which is not surprising) will also be "golden": for everything about all 14 thousand 900 rubles.

Restaurant "Expedition" - a corner of the North in the center of Moscow: stroganina, "rubanina," tinctures of their own cooking... Even supposedly a river under the floor. For entourage, and also for the dish "Laying Nansen" (a whole chest with scallop scallop, assorted omul caviar, nerds and pike, venison and fern salad) here they offer to lay out 12 and a half thousand rubles.

Well, you can take a pie with a fragrant strawberry for sweet. For example, in the "Cheese Factory" on Red October. For a piece you will need to pay 1350 (and according to another site - as much as 1900 rubles).

By the way, you won't forbid to eat beautifully in restaurants in St. Petersburg. In the Blok restaurant there is a Stendal steak prepared on a special grill at a temperature of 1000 degrees (the result is a crust from above and medium rare inside) for 5300 rubles (the weight of the steak is not indicated on the site), and in the Stroganov steak house there will be steaks made of Wagyu beef at a price of 3590 rubles for 100 grams
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