QR enter cannot be refused


“In the“ hospital average ”, the statistics of the drop in revenue does not reflect the whole picture, because revenue from some establishments has flowed to others, so the restaurant market should be looked at by segment.

Currently, only delivery concepts are being developed (pizza, sushi, burgers). Full-service restaurants are empty. Their delivery is a maximum of 10%, and the number of guests is directly proportional to the number of vaccinated in the region. Let's say there are 40% vaccinated (and with QR) in the region. About 30 percent go to restaurants. Because you can go to the store alone, but go to the restaurant in a company, and if someone doesn't have a kuar, everyone will gather in the apartment, "Mironov wrote.

The Gambudsman for the restaurant business of Moscow and the Moscow region also asked a natural topical question: what will happen to a restaurant if their turnover drops by 25-30% for a long time?

"Such a business is already unprofitable and unviable. And if the revenue falls by 60-70% (as in many regions with" kuars ")? These restaurants suffer huge losses, and in a month they will not have money for purchases, salaries, taxes, etc. And the longer such a restaurant lasts, the more debts it will earn, and not only restaurateurs will go bankrupt, but also their suppliers and employees. ⠀

We must understand that we will lose an irreplaceable part of the restaurant business. The restaurant has been created for years, and strong professionals will simply leave our sphere and never return.

Therefore, if the region enters QR, two specific decisions must be made. The first is for how long the “kuars” are introduced. So that the entrepreneur can assess whether he will last this time, or go bankrupt, letting his employees around the world, among other things.

The second is about financial support for business. And simultaneously with the introduction of QR, restaurants should also announce the amount of compensation - this is a worldwide practice. ⠀

I do not deny that restaurants can operate under the Quar. But only if they cover 80% of the population.

Taking into account the rate of our vaccination (and revaccination, which also needs to be done), let's try to draw a graph and understand at what point 80% of our population can be vaccinated with the two components of the vaccine.

And it is obvious that under the conditions of restrictions an ordinary restaurant will simply not be able to reach this point, "stated Sergei Mironov.
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