the whole truth about the franchise


Which is better: come up with your own restaurant or take a ready-made franchise? Sergey Mironov told why a franchise project will always give odds to anyone else and commented on how the Meat & Fish brand developed.

A person decided to go into the restaurant business and thinks: "I'll open a restaurant, I'll earn!". Such thoughts were relevant 10 years ago. Now restaurants in Russia (and in Moscow in particular) have improved their technologies. And by entering any city with a strong franchise, they defeat local players. 9 out of 10 newly opened restaurants from novichok are doomed to failure today. So why throw money away if you can take a strong franchise, pay royalties and start developing it?

What does buying a franchise give:

- a clear business instruction: the restaurateur acquires a unique concept, in which millions of dollars were invested before him, and which was worked on by leading specialists. You will not be able to create such a project yourself

- constant support: the restaurateur receives prices, suppliers, menu changes and updates, training programs — everything at every step. And even in crises, he can be calm: a franchise restaurant is more stable than a single project (for example, all Meat & Fish franchisees were able to survive lockdowns)

- payback: it all depends on the city, the solvency of the population, the size of the restaurant (the bigger it is, the longer it will pay off, but it will bring more profit in the end), but the restaurateur has a clear business plan, sees the period for which the franchise will pay off

"But with the purchase of a franchise, you can run into a pig in a poke. There are many pseudo-franchises when they give a trademark and an interior, but there are no working technologies. Do not buy into the offer "we will make you a franchise": attract experts to evaluate the franchise (good financiers and operators). For me, the answer to the question: to launch a franchise restaurant or try to open one myself is now obvious.

If I were starting Meat & Fish from scratch right now, the current restaurants would crush such a newcomer.

Of course, the market has not yet fully realized everything I am writing. Even fellow hoteliers, opening cool franchise hotels, manage to collect useless restaurants in them on their knees instead of going further and launching an equally cool franchise restaurant," Sergey Mironov summed up
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