About QR with the Ministry of Industry and Trade


Almost 300 people participated in the Zoom with the Ministry of Industry and Trade: the regional administration, Rospotrebnadzor, entrepreneurs.

Sergey Mironov outlined his position on QR in the regions.

"They began to be introduced en masse, despite how Moscow experienced this experiment. In the capital, such codes were valid for 2.5 weeks, and then Moscow provided compensation to small and medium-sized businesses. And the restaurants in the capital were saved then by the fact that verandas worked here, on which the guests moved.

And what will the regional authorities achieve now?!

Vaccinated in the regions on average about 30%. And counting on them (as the main guests of restaurants) is stupid. All these people have unvaccinated acquaintances and friends. So, without them, they simply will not go to any restaurants and will gather companies at home.

The representatives of the regions I

I asked directly: why do many places take ... contradictory measures?

For example, in the Kursk region, both kuars and restrictions on working at night were introduced at the same time. In the Amur region in general, there are quarries, a ban on working at night, 50% boarding and a ban on mass events.

I asked to explain what the meaning of such steps is.

Our common task is to prevent the crown. And not to put it on and crush the business.

I asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to get involved in the situation and develop uniform measures that will be applied everywhere," Sergey Mironov wrote on social networks.

Deputy Minister Viktor Yevtukhov supported this position. He stressed: if the regions act at random now, in a couple of years we risk being left without business at all.
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