beautiful and tasteful


The founder of Meat & Fish suggested discussing the "hot" topic of hostesses in social networks. ⠀
"Agree, it's cool: you walk down the street or through a shopping center, you're hungry, and here's a restaurant, it smells delicious, and the fatal blonde (brunette) in the doorway smiles broadly and invites you inside! The eye is really happy, the appetite immediately played out. And the mood, again, has improved," Sergey Mironov wrote. And he added:

"What if you're not going alone, but with a companion? It may not be possible to do without conflicts here. Well, or at least without: "Why did you look at each other like that?! And is it a skirt on her or just a belt - shame and shame! Is she definitely calling you to a restaurant now?!"

I'm joking, of course, but I think the meaning is clear: very often male guests say: "What an awesome Masha you have at the entrance! Only because of her I go to you!". Someone even asks for a phone number — that is, it actually works.
But ladies often care about something else entirely: "How vulgar this Masha is, how defiantly she looks!", or: "What a vulgar girl! Yes, and behaves like a queen!" and so on, in the same negative spirit
Moreover, a bright and beautiful hostess, as a rule, gets even more often than the one who looks a little more modest."

And then he asked the readers what, in their opinion, such employees should be: beauties with a chiseled figure or respectable modest women?
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