a friend in trouble will not leave


“Probably, now is the very moment when it is especially clear which of the suppliers is a reliable partner, and which is an accidental fellow traveler.

I don’t know about the rest, but personally everything became clear to me quickly and completely:

in recent days, they all behaved differently, but they perfectly showed who is who, ”Sergey Mironov wrote on his pages.

He explained to the audience what happened recently:

- some suppliers have not raised prices yet - they said: since the goods were bought at the old price, they will sell it to us at that price

(and although it is clear that these people are at a loss, they behave like true partners)

For example, the wine trading companies AST, Wine Discovery, Ladoga did this, despite the fact that the strong alcohol they bring to us will now have to be bought by them for dollars, and all this is completely unprofitable for them.

- other suppliers have already agreed to release orders at the same prices, and new ones at new ones

(here, too, there is nothing to blame them for: a partnership approach, everything is honest)

- but there were also companies that accepted the order on the day when it had to be shipped, then simply did not bring it, left it in their warehouse (and the restaurant - without goods), but after a couple of days they raised prices

So, for example, the wine trading company "Fort" acted. And, in my opinion, it is impossible to work closely with such people.

“Colleagues, maybe we, restaurateurs, should make our own rating and anti-rating?

Enter all partners and "non-partners" there

Let us not have our own trade union, but we are united enough among ourselves, we are a community.

And such a list will not allow random people from our business to treat us like this, ”Sergey Mironov summed up.

He called what happened “rabid speculation on a common problem” and promised to raise this issue in the Moscow Department of Trade and Services.
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