under the correct sauce


What is Atomic P... C? No, this is not the state of the entire restaurant industry after the pandemic.

AND... the name of one of the sharpest sauces in the world (in the original it sounds like

Atomic Kick Ass). It is prepared from sharp peppers in gloves and a gas mask, served for chicken, and even before it is used, guests are forced to write a receipt that removes any responsibility from the restaurant. Even a small dose of this sauce can cause a person to have short-term facial paralysis, seizures, or internal bleeding.

Not about such extreme, but about the sauces more familiar to us, Sergey Mironov talked with the Eikhfus brothers on the Moscow FM radio.

In the Supermarket program, the guest and presenters discussed which sauce is "most popular," how to choose the sauce correctly, and at the same time, they talked about Meat & Fish's signature sauces and even... sang

"The brothers love the airs very much: cool, lively, daring. It is always nice to visit them, each time we discuss truly "folk" topics that are urgent for everyone. By the way, since it was about useful and tasty sauces, I recommend stopping at Meat & Fish, try one of our chips - the famous pepper sauce of three types of Cambodian pepper based on demiglas. We cook it for 16 hours.

Thick, viscous, exclusive - he asks for a juicy steak. Exhaust this sauce with a spoon along with pepper peas, put it on a piece of meat... I promise: it will be just a bomb!, "Sergey Mironov advised his subscribers on social networks after the broadcast
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