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A single platform for verifiers and verifiers. Moreover, digital - this is how you can indicate the essence of the project, the presentation of which was recently visited by Sergey Mironov.

The meeting was about how to simplify the interaction of entrepreneurs with control bodies with the help of modern technologies and reduce the burden on business.

How to debug the system, create a single register of inspections, which would indicate all the requirements for opening a business and even - how to competently appeal the result of the audit, if he did not arrange - all this was analyzed in detail at the meeting. Representatives of the Moscow Government, entrepreneurs, members of the fitness industry, hotel and restaurant business, medicine and so on were invited to it.

An open dialogue during inspections is how the main goal of the innovation was formulated at the meeting. Here they discussed that it would be correct to reduce both the number of audit requirements for auditors and the number of documents provided.

To put it simply, control should be "smart," and the possible arbitrariness of the auditor - one that can and should be appealed.

Sergey Mironov voiced his opinion at the meeting. He said that in Russia (despite the regulatory guillotine) there are still a lot of contradictory rules and norms. And some of them allow any controller not only to create arbitrariness and put pressure on the business, but also to simply close one or another object "without trial." For example, the situation with gloves for staff in restaurants. Rospotrebnadzor has developed requirements according to which they are not needed (Sergey Mironov personally actively participated in the study of these points). But the inspectors still have reason to issue numerous fines to restaurants for... employees without gloves.

This system needs to be urgently changed - Sergey Mironov voiced his opinion. He stressed that on the Digital Platform it would be logical to give an opportunity not only for open, but also for anonymous complaints from entrepreneurs. Who could voice cases of pressure on their business, without fear of undesirable consequences for themselves
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