Anniversary of the Russian Wine House


The founder of Meat & Fish congratulated the Abrau-Durso Russian Wine House on its 150th anniversary.

Sergey Mironov got to Abrau-Durso for the first time in 89. He told subscribers in social networks in colors how this place has changed since then.

"I was 14, and here on the lake I was catching crayfish

Some barracks, a factory in a deplorable state: at that time everything here was terribly neglected.

I remember well the cognac liqueur they treated me to there.

And what did I see now? The most beautiful place: the ennobled lake Abrau with a picturesque singing fountain, a chic restaurant complex (11 restaurants and cafes), cozy hotels and recreation centers,

vineyards, whose areas are constantly increasing.

Boris Titov, of course, was able to transform this place completely

In 2019 alone, the total sales volume of the Abrau-Durso group of companies amounted to 43.3 million bottles.

To those who think that my words are flattery, I will say: just come here. Stay at the Imperial Boutique Hotel, take a yacht ride on the lake,

visit the winery with a tasting, choose a couple of interesting positions there (for example, Blanc de Blancs brut de or, Imperial champagne), go to the vineyards, have dinner at the Villa of Roses restaurant, and then tell me that I'm wrong," Sergey Mironov wrote
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