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Why is domestic tourism developing so hard in Russia? Sergey Mironov reflected on this in his social networks. The topic caused a lively response from subscribers and provoked a stormy dialogue.

Why our country compatriots still unconditionally prefer abroad - Sergei Mironov wondered. And he described his stay in the Magadan premium-class hotel "Ocean".

"The hotel had the smell of a Soviet hostel with table food. Dirt, stains on the floor, and to take a shower, it took twenty minutes to drain the water. The liquid soap was more like dishwashing detergent, and from the shower along the sloping floor, water flowed directly to the threshold For drinking water you had to go downstairs and buy from the fridge, and take hot water from the boiler. Toilet paper looked more like sandpaper (the hotel obviously does not fork out for "consumables".) For 4 days, the suite was not cleaned - no one came in. At breakfast there were only cups, two units with boiling water, sugar and lemon. I asked for a saucer for the cup, eyes bulged at me (they gave me a saucer). And after I sat down at the table, they brought a plate of bread, a piece of butter, an inedible omelet and sour squash caviar. ”I asked the waiter (who is also a bartender and administrator) if there are other hotels in the city where you can move? And I heard that there are only two premium hotels in Magadan, and“ Ocean ”is the best in this category (word "Premium" he stressed about sobo).

We are talking about the development of tourism, spending money on cashbacks, building parks and ports. And we don't have banal hotels. After all, if small cozy hotels do not appear in such places, it means that it is not profitable for entrepreneurs. So maybe to stimulate the business to create them? And at the same time create conditions under which it will be profitable for business to open such hotels. And hotels with a decent level could be allocated grants.

I am convinced that without a special program for the development of HoReCa, most of the money spent on tourism in our country will go to the sand, "Sergey Mironov concluded his thought.
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