твори добро


The morning begins not with coffee, but... with "good coffee"

Sergey Mironov reminded colleagues and subscribers about one warm action. It is called "Good coffee". This is a charity project of the first "Children's Hospice" in our country. And from November 1 to December 1, the project launches a new autumn stage.

What is the point:

buy a cup of coffee from the partners of this promotion

part of your funds goes to the needs of children from the children's hospice

And right now "Good Coffee" is looking for those very partners: coffee shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, pastry shops ⠀

How to become a partner — project manager Ekaterina Stukonog will tell you

+7 (931) 394-80-56, fund@kids-hospice.ru.

and even more details on the website www.coffee-dobro.ru

"Friends, join the action! Or write your favorite "tea and coffee" places in the comments: perhaps this way there will be much more participants in this good story," Sergei Mironov addressed the audience of his social networks
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