our union is beautiful


In one of the restaurants "Meat & Fish" a meeting of the "Union of Restaurant Managers" was held.

Sergey Mironov spoke with colleagues about the important thing: lifting restrictions, working during a pandemic, a possible imminent reduction or abolition of VAT.

Those present at the meeting asked Sergey Mironov why not all of his initiatives (most of which could be turning points for the entire restaurant industry) have still found a ticket to life?

"I answered my colleagues that one in the field is not a warrior. Therefore (including) at one time our union was created. The goal: to unite managers so that not only the owners of restaurants and hotels hear about their problems, but also with a variety of issues we can cope together.

So here: I really raise many key topics for the industry, write posts on social networks about this, visit meetings with the Government, Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Service, and join a variety of working groups.

But the support of the entire restaurant industry, the entire community here is also very important. Repost, in a word, business - after all, for any initiative to be effective, it must come from more than one person.

As the ombudsman for the restaurant business of Moscow, I know how important the unity of representatives of our sphere is. Only in this way can we become a real driving force for a particular issue, reach out to any officials in the offices and make sure that our common voice is heard, "commented the founder of Meat & Fish restaurants.
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