Sergey Mironov paid an informal visit to Kyrgyzstan


Sergey Mironov spent several days in Kyrgyzstan. He shared his impressions with subscribers in social networks. Here is how this experience was described:

"Four days in Kyrgyzstan flew by like one:

the brightest kaleidoscope of impressions.

Issyk-Kul, wonderful nature, mountains

trout farming (agro-complex "Eftar") in an insanely beautiful place-the Kurpsay reservoir, a real ecological reserve (3800 meters above sea level).

Very interesting cuisine with a huge variety of dishes, unexpectedly delicious products, over which Victor Beley and Michel Louis Lenz conjured .

And, of course, the main asset of these places is the people: friendly, responsive, hospitable.

In general, I had a great pleasure from the trip and now I regret only one thing — that I discovered Kyrgyzstan so late."
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