criminal indifference


Would be lower - would remain without an eye. If he had been taller, it would have struck down his throat. With such a headline in social networks, Sergei Mironov shocked his subscribers. He described the incident as follows:

“I was just walking along the sidewalk past the State Duma. The sun blinded. Suddenly he received a strong blow to the face. It turned out that a long sharp armature was sticking out of the wall at the level of the faces of passers-by. No fences, signs, protective tapes. Regular sidewalk.

First I spoke with the policeman who guards the entrance. He replied that it was not his job and would not do anything. Then I went to the State Duma and talked to the police, who are standing there at the entrance, asked me to call the squad. As a result, I found contacts in the State Duma and asked to sort it out.

For some time I was on duty at the armature, and then I guessed to tie a piece of protective tape to it, so that it could be at least a little visible.

As a result, the situation was sorted out quite quickly: the piece of iron was cut down, a tape was pulled along the entire sidewalk. Thanks to the employees of the State Duma, who put things in order. Another thing is surprising: why did the policeman who was standing next to him not care? Why even in such a simple matter is it necessary to look for acquaintances and use connections? After all, I was not the first to walk this sidewalk. How long was this piece of iron sticking out there? How many people before me saw this pin and did nothing? What if your relative runs into him? What if your son gets stuck on a bike? And if a close friend remains without an eye? What if it's in the throat? Were there already victims? Why do we have such indifference? How do we miss it? Why is it so easy to scold the country and so hard to start with yourself?” Sergey Mironov addressed questions to the audience
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