to learn to work


Without experience of work we do not take, experience from a year is mandatory - such requirements in employment are often faced by graduates of Russian universities. But it is difficult to really gain experience for young people and girls today, because production practice everywhere is often for a tick. Another point: from universities come "great" theorists with diplomas, but absolutely without skills. The employer has to teach such specialists to work.

How to ensure that the theoretical learning base is supported by real, useful and effective practice? This issue has long been dealt with by Sergei Mironov.

"Meat & Fish" has been cooperating with the Academy of RANHiGS since 2013, offering the specialized faculty a 4-year program of training specialists of restaurant direction within the framework of the annual 2-month practice in restaurants, where students course by course learn the basics of professions from waiter and bartender to manager and trainer at the exit.

This year, we "broke" our own record by taking nearly 100 freshmen to their first production practice. It takes place from February to April, which allows children at the peak of the season to dip into the real intensification of work, and "not to sit down" in the decline of summer months. Each student is assigned experienced mentors in the person of waiters, bartenders, managers, and the whole process of delivery of material is controlled by trainer 's service.

And thus, after practice children already meaningful perceive university theory and are interested in the process of training, because they have solid ideas about the internal "kitchen" of restaurant business and understand on whom they are taught.

"Yes, we are ready to take on additional items of expenditure, such as the remuneration of interns, payments to mentors, organization of meals and much more. But we acquire much more: by raising promising specialists in the real conditions of the business process, soon we expect to see qualified employees in the restaurant industry.

Such a system of industrial practice, developed by us, allows to overcome the gap between the student and the employer, offering the modern restaurant market not "great" theorists, but real practitioners: students will be able to work by profession, gain financial independence from parents and surely enter the path of career and personal growth, "- said Sergey Mironov
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