the Lent with taste


Keeping the Great Lent tastefully easy in restaurants "Meat & Fish"

We offer guests a lent menu:

- salad "Brucola with tomatoes and avocado" 130 g/390 rubles.

- baked beet salad with smoked tofu 260 g/480 rubles

- green salad with oriental dressing 215 g/390 rubles

- tomato soup with rosemary and basil 300 g/390 rubles

- borsch with smoked prunes 320/30 g/390 rubles

- honeycomb of vegetables with mushrooms in pumpkin bread 300/380 g/490 rubles

- stuffed Bulgarian pepper in tomato sauce 385 g/490 rubles

- baked potatoes with bulk 310g/490 rubles

- baked eggplant 245g/480 rubles

- burger with vegetable meat 365 g/590 rubles

We are waiting for you and wish you a pleasant appetite!
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