we will be healthier


"How will restaurants work now without Coca-Cola, Pepsi and their water?

Yes, they will be fine!", - Sergey Mironov expressed this point of view in his posts.

The founder of Meat & Fish recalled how back in 2019, restaurants removed all the products of these companies from their menu, replacing it with homemade lemonades and "alkaline" water 8.2 of Russian production.

"In my opinion, restaurateurs should not rush to buy the remains of cola and pepsi from warehouses at all now: just take them off the menu and do not return them back when these companies return to the market.

And in general (for example, "Meat & Fish")

I believe that everyone has only benefited: the guest received a natural and healthy product, and the economy of restaurants from the production of their drinks turned out to be only in the black.

So, I definitely don't see any tragedy in the demarche of these companies: on the contrary, we will be healthier," Sergey Mironov concluded about the upcoming import substitution
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