supported by the Duma


Amendments to the Administrative Code, on which we worked together with the Ministry of Economic Development and the SME Corporation as part of the expert Council of the CMSP, were supported by the State Duma

It's about a bill to reduce

the administrative burden on small businesses," Sergey Mironov published a post about such an event on his social networks.

He told which 4 initiatives, which should act together, were proposed to the parliamentarians:

- Give the entrepreneur the "right to make a mistake". Warn him at the first violation and explain, and not immediately fine him if no harm has been done to anyone, because very often an entrepreneur understands that he has violated something only when he already receives a fine

- Reduce the size of the fine for micro and small enterprises, equating them to the size of the fine to the sole proprietor. If the category of sole proprietors is not specified in the Administrative Code, then the amount of the fine should be no more than half of the fine for a legal entity — since an entrepreneur with a turnover of 30 million per year simply cannot pay the same fines as a plant with a turnover of 30 billion (this is unfair at least)

- Not to fine a legal entity and an official at the same time, if only the employee is to blame, and the entrepreneur has fulfilled all the requirements. This makes it possible to exclude double responsibility for the same violation. After all, if an official received all the instructions and simply did not follow them, why should an entrepreneur pay for it? A fine must be imposed on an official (and for an official it is much less than for a legal one)

- Not to sum up the fines within a single check. One check is one sanction.

Let's say an entrepreneur commits the same violation without knowing about it. The audit summarizes all these violations for 3 years and exposes such a fine amount that exceeds the cost of his entire legal entity. And there is only one problem, and this amendment is just supposed to fix it

I remember how in the SME Corporation we discussed this topic for the first time, threw problematic issues, and Alexander Isaevich wrote them down on a flipchart

I also remember how we decided to focus on these four points — as the most logical and necessary.

"In my opinion, this is a serious step and a real example of how entrepreneurs participate in changing laws," Mironov summed up
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