who walks by himself


Sergey Mironov addressed subscribers in social networks on a "delicate" occasion. The question concerned the restaurateur's pet.

"I have a cat Mars, a breed — Neva masquerade. A huge strong beast lives with us outside the city and enjoys complete freedom of movement

He is very kind to people: he pretends to be a fur pillow and allows you to do anything with him.

But with the rest of the living creatures, he turns into a ferocious tiger: beats all the cats in the neighborhood, fights with dogs, strangles rats and squirrels. And, probably, someone else, because he can disappear in the forest for days on end. Mars has grown such a "fur coat" that he is able to sleep outside even in the bitterest frost.

Sometimes he comes home not just wounded: the feeling that he has been chewed by a crocodile, and then we treat him for a long time.

Every year the question arises that the cat needs to be neutered, but every time I manage to protect him (probably in vain I still did not go to lawyers)

There is a country cooperative not far from our house. The cat found some compassionate people there who feed him. Moreover, at home Mars has a strict diet and proper dry food (he already had liver problems, and we had to nurse the cat). And "on the side"

he seems to be fed the most delicious.

One joy: by the autumn, the summer residents leave, and the Martian goes back to feed. But there is a moment here: in spring and autumn they come for the weekend, and our cat has clearly learned this schedule.

On Saturdays and Sundays, Mars' bowl is always full, because he goes to the cooperative for lunch and dinner.

I've probably already talked to everyone at the cooperative. He explained that the "unfortunate" fat man, who is fed sausage there, does not swell with hunger at all, and everything is fine in his life. Everyone promises not to feed the cat anymore, but Saturday comes, and Mars, looking contemptuously at the dry food, stomps to his breadwinners as if for work.

I'm really worried about his health! Maybe there is some way to wean him from all this?", - Sergey Mironov wrote on Facebook, illustrating the publication with a picture with his beloved pet
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