assistance and support


It is easy and pleasant to help, especially if you help friends.

For several years, Meat & Fish restaurants have been friends with the Volunteer Club -

a public organization that supports children from boarding schools and orphanages throughout Russia. Volunteers go to the wards to visit and often bring them themselves to Moscow. So this spring in the capital will pass the final of the futsal tournament "Game of your dreams," and while the sixteen-year-old "Arshavins" from the Tula, Vladimir and Ryazan regions fought in the regional stages.

We decided to support the guys and their team spirit and prepared 280 sets of sandwiches, pastries, fruits and morses for future athletes.

"Friends, I want to appeal to all fellow restaurateurs: let's support orphanages together. Children without parents really lack care, and for you and me it is not at all difficult to share something.

Well, we wish the wards of the Volunteer Club new sports successes and always wait for the guys in Moscow, - appealed to restaurateurs Sergey Mironov.
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