Conveniently and safely


The coronavirus does not doze, and many are forced to minimize visits of favourite restaurants.

But "Мясо&Рыба" guards health and the interests of the guests.

At once four of our restaurants suggest to use delivery services. These are restaurants in Riviera shopping Center, "Kuntsevo the Plaza", "Afimoll City" and on Tverskaya Street, 23/12.

From you it will be required to use Yandkes service only. Food to choose a dish and to wait very little. As fast as possible tasty food "as at restaurant" will be on your house table.

You can not be afraid for the health: in the middle of the outbreak of a coronavirus we carefully process all necessary at restaurants antiseptics, we use bactericidal lamps, we control health of employees and we watch closely quality of products.

Good luck also enjoy our dishes! Always we wait for the visit of you.
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