For ideas and dishes


After the New Year holidays, the founder of Meat & Fish went to Spain. Sergei Mironov spent five days in Madrid and Barcelona. In the Spanish capital, he visited several authentic restaurants, among them the restaurant "Casa Albert," whose age is almost two hundred years old, local food markets, took part in tasting wines and olive oil, and also - was able to get new ideas for the menu of his restaurants.

On the trip Sergey Miranda especially noted the love of the inhabitants of Spain for their history and culture. "The Spanish are the true patriots of their country. In addition, it is there that dynastic restaurants are actively developing, in which the older generation seeks to instil in the younger a love for our profession. And the city authorities of Madrid encourage restaurants in their business and provide as much assistance as possible. Certainly, we have something to learn from our foreign colleagues, Sergey Mironov said.
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