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The founder of Meat & Fish restaurants visited a meeting of the Board of Directors of SME Corporation under the chairmanship of the first deputy chairman of the Government Andrei Belousov. They discussed the development strategy of the Corporation until 2025. "Completely new and extremely effective" called everything voiced by Sergey Mironov.

He also made a presentation to the audience on the topic "Dialogue between business and power."

"Often they do not hear each other, and the number of regulations that falls on entrepreneurs is not what to fulfill - it is even impossible to study to the end (acts change all the time, and not a single entrepreneur can track all this). And that he violated something, the entrepreneur often finds out when sanctions are applied to him. I said that the SME Corporation should become a platform for dialogue between business and government. Very often, regulatory acts adopted are unenforceable for business, and support measures from the state may sometimes be incomprehensible to entrepreneurs (or not reach the addressee). And verification of measures is necessary. Alexander Isaevich has already proved that he can effectively interact with business - just for verification. Here, you also need to add constant surveys of entrepreneurs, so that the entrepreneurs themselves decide how much they come up with for them, and say what they really lack, "said Sergey Mironov.

For this, according to Sergei Mironov, it is necessary to use not only the capabilities of the SME Corporation, but also public organizations, and key industry communities. And in order for all this to work, under the Corporation, he proposed the creation of an expert council of representatives of all industries. "And the members of the council should not sit in it pants, but protect the interests of their industry, not agree with everything, but consciously criticize. The council should not only defend the interests of entrepreneurs, but also monitor how much support measures reach business, and how they are ultimately worked out. And the activities of the council should be as transparent and open as possible, so that their performance is seen and evaluated by everyone. It seems to me that if it is possible to implement all this, the expert council at the SME Corporation will be the most powerful support for all small and medium-sized enterprises in our country, "summed up Sergey Mironov
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