prohibition of prohibitions


How does business talk to the authorities?

Sergey Mironov and his colleagues raised this topic in St. Petersburg, where a conference from FRiO was held. The participants of the meeting were the city administration, the Federal Tax Service and local businessmen.

My colleagues and I told the authorities that, in our opinion, restrictions are not particularly necessary today.

Against the background of Omicron, they do not give anything, only slow down the business.

But it's really safe in restaurants now: the staff is vaccinated here, sanitizers are all around, constant treatment, the temperature is measured for guests and employees, high-quality ventilation works — in general, the space is disinfected as much as possible. Unlike, for example, the same office where companies will gather if people are forbidden to go to a restaurant," Sergei Mironov said.

And at the end of the meeting, he thanked the participants for a productive conversation and expressed the hope that the parties could hear each other this time.

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