on the Forum about personnel


At the Gaidar Forum, the founder of Meat & Fish moderated the session "Map of Gastronomic Russia".

But they talked about it not only about the local product and gastrotourism. The most pressing issue (and the main problem of the industry) is the personnel for HoReCa.

"In my opinion, instead of getting ready-made professionals as employees, restaurants (in fact) are now forced to replace the state by training specialists on their own.

But the fact that it is expensive, unprofitable and it simply should not be - it is obvious to all our colleagues," Sergey Mironov shared his emotions on social networks.

And the participants of the discussion were:

Andrey Chibis - Governor of the Murmansk Region

Mikhail Razvozhaev - Governor of Sevastopol

Oleg Khorokhordin - Head of the Altai Republic

Konstantin Shestakov - Head of Vladivostok

Sergey Mironov thanked his colleagues for a frank and productive conversation and expressed hope to return to the topics together in the near future.