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Sergey Mironov took part in an important meeting. His first deputy chairman of the Government Andrei Belousov led. Among the participants were representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, Minek, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Trade, chairman of Business Russia, first vice president of Opora Rossii, heads of public organizations and другие.⠀

The meeting discussed how sectors of the economy themselves can monitor compliance with sanitary and epidemiological measures. And I came up with such an initiative.

"Coronavirus is gaining momentum, and new restrictions are being introduced for the restaurant business. For example, some regions prohibit restaurants from working after 23:00, or take some other measures. But now these prohibitions are lowered to us from above, and representatives of the restaurant sphere are simply put before the fact.

I suggested that the restaurant business control itself. After all, only restaurateurs know their business from the inside and clearly understand what prohibitions will work, and what is imposed from outside is simply meaningless.

Here is an example: the incidence of the "crown" among waiters in the country is now almost at zero. This suggests that guests may not be afraid to go to us. If anyone gets sick in restaurants, then these are usually office employees (and they sit in closed rooms, far from guests). Therefore, I am sure that (as an industry) we can not only develop restrictive measures for ourselves, but also we ourselves can amend the measures already existing.

Let's say that now gives the closure of restaurants after eleven in the evening? A tighter landing throughout the day! I also proposed to provoke all employees from influenza in order to eliminate the infection that crosses the coronavirus; make delivery couriers even safer for customers (provide them with rooms for handling bags, and so on). And the last initiative: for the restaurant community to independently regulate compliance with the norms of Rospotrebnadzor. Then we would solve issues without bringing to penalties and fines. And no one would have to sit in an ambush, waiting for the intruder who removed the mask or glove.

Restaurateurs are quite conscious people who are well aware of the whole situation with coronavirus in the country. And we are interested in not getting sick either ourselves, our employees, or our guests. And to those colleagues who still do not feel danger, we are able to spread everything on the shelves. Andrei Belousov listened to all the initiatives and agreed that the restaurant industry would have enough such self-control measures, after which it would not be necessary to introduce new ones, "said Sergey Mironov