eleven at home


Let's deal with the closures in the 23.00.

Who is the measure aimed at, and who can suffer from it? Initially - to nightclubs and bars, where many people hang out (and there is a risk of the spread of the virus). But after all, it is impossible to separate restaurants from them.

Parts of the clubs threaten closure. And it would be foolish to ask them to "go" to work a day and light up the light - no one will just go there. Bars will try to work in the evenings and go at least to zero (you should not talk about profit here).

Restaurants are round the clock. From night they had their proceeds, now the guests will concentrate here before closing, which will not ease the situation. A regular restaurant will simply reduce work by a couple of hours and lose a small percentage of guests. But he can save on taxis for staff

For family institutions, fundamentally nothing will change (they so often work until 23.00).

Restaurants in business centers will not feel discomfort. True, because of the offices in the remote area, many of these establishments are now barely alive...

"But how will all these rules work in Moscow? After all, there are no clear instructions in the mayor's decree. We clarified this question with the head of the metropolitan Department of Trade and Services Alexei Nemeryuk. At 23.00, restaurants should close their doors. Until that time, the last checks are made, and the ticket office closes (except for restaurants that continue to work on the night of delivery). Guests can stay in the restaurant, but to zero the restaurant must be empty. I think that such instructions will be received by the authorities that will monitor the implementation of the decree.

So, colleagues, we read the document carefully. Let me remind you again that quarantine fines are very cruel. Well, and most importantly: courage to all of us and common sense. If you do not pull and drive yourself into losses, the restaurant should be closed. In order not to multiply debts and not put yourself in an awkward position in front of employees with whom you will have to pay. Those who see prospects in the work are to squeeze their teeth and go to the end. We, restaurateurs, survived 2008 year, and 2014... we will survive 2020!, "Commented on the topic Sergey Mironov in his social networks
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