Colleague, mentor and friend


"To rule oneself is the highest power."

There is a Latin proverb.

And, in my opinion, she describes this person very accurately," Sergei Mironov wrote about this person's birthday. He published a congratulatory post to the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs Boris Titov.

"He is always reserved, as correct as possible, incredibly collected and delicate. And at the same time — flawlessly holds the thread of even the most "incandescent" conversation, sobering the most heated minds.

I am really proud to get acquainted with Boris Yurievich, because for me he is a man of business: I can always call him when I see some problem of Russian business, and he will certainly get involved in the issue with full dedication, trying to solve it without fail.

The whole outgoing year (and not only) we worked shoulder to shoulder;

I was lucky to be at the 150th anniversary of the Russian wine house "Abrau-Durso".

I would like to wish Boris Yurievich even more perseverance and optimism in the fight for the rights of entrepreneurs, only solved tasks and a loyal team of like-minded people.

I sincerely shake your hand," wrote Sergey Mironov.
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