prosperity and love


The founder of "Meat & Fish" wished all the guests of the restaurants and not only miracles, tenderness and a reliable shoulder nearby.

On International Women's Day, Sergei Mironov congratulated them with the following text:

The word "beloved" sounds differently in different languages, but its meaning does not change from this.

It is you, the only and beloved ones, who illuminate our life, filling it with special light and meaning.

For your sake, we move mountains (and after you - we often turn our necks), perform feats, and just wake up in the morning.

On this day, men rush to you with flowers and shower you with them from head to toe.

And I sincerely want such pleasant moments in the life of every woman to be as often as possible.

As you know, the words "flower" and "prosperity" have the same root. Therefore, today I wish our precious women only one thing: bloom and prosper, and also smile from the bottom of our hearts at us, your men.

After all, for the sake of your smile, we are ready for anything. Since March 8, our precious women!
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